12 Steps To Un-Enlightenment

Mollie waiting for David to come home and give her treats! Photo by Glenda Clemens, 2015

Mollie waiting for David to come home and give her treats!
Photo by Glenda Clemens, 2015

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams
he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.”
― Franz KafkaThe Metamorphosis

So this post is about Enlightenment or more to the point Un-enlightenment. I need to confess, however, you are NOT going to get a 12 step program to Un-enlightenment.  I just used that title to get you to read this post. Shameless.  I know.

No this post is about the struggle many of my friends and clients go through trying to find enlightenment.  Some of them buy and download hours and hours of audio files, video files and books all promising to change their lives in 6 hours or 90 days or 3 or 6 or 10 steps. Yet in the busy pace of life many of these offerings (which are really quite good) sit waiting to be heard or read or watched. Then the guilt sets in and the limiting beliefs take over.

“When she transformed into a butterfly,
the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty,
but of her weirdness.
They wanted her to change back
into what she always had been.
But she had wings.”
― Dean Jackson

I believe, like the butterfly, we are built to transform naturally and gracefully into our true essence just through the processes of living life and being who we are.

I’m not saying that there is nothing to be gained from all of the enlightenment and self-help offerings available to us. What I am saying is that we can make our lives miserable chasing this enlightenment. The reality is, we were all created to be exactly who and what we are and to grow and change and become what we will be in the next moment of existence. AND it happens quietly and naturally and as a part of our being within the nature in which we live.

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.”
― Hāfez

All we really need is an awake heart that allows the light to pour in. So my one-step program to Enlightened Un-enlightenment is:

Slow down
Listen to your heart
Open your eyes
Bask in the glory
Of each

You will be transformed.

And we will all marvel
At your beautiful wings!

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