3 Steps To Your Life Purpose

Stuck In A Tree, photo by David Clemens 2015, used with permission

Stuck In A Tree, photo by David Clemens 2015, used with permission

“If you don’t know where you’re going,
you’ll end up someplace else.”
― Yogi Berra

Now, I do not know how that bicycle got stuck in that tree.  When David took this photo we talked about it and decided that perhaps someone left it in the woods meaning to come back and get it but the forest and this tree specifically grew up around that bicycle and now the bicycle has become part of the tree.  The tree didn’t intend harm to the bicycle and the bicycle certainly didn’t have a plan to become part of a tree.  But the tree did what trees do, it grew without any regard or reckoning of the bicycle.  The bicycle being unable to move by itself, became part of the tree.

“Nothing that happens to you was meant to be.
The only thing about you that was meant to be is you.
Blaze your own trail.”
― George Alexiou

For me, the bicycle and tree is a metaphor for life.  If you just stand there and do nothing the rest of life is going to grow up around you and capture you and you will no longer be able to do anything other than be a part of the life growing up around you, enveloping you. Life happened to this bicycle, not because it was meant to be for the bicycle but because it was meant to be for the tree.

“As the struggle for survival has subsided,
the question has emerged: survival for what?
Ever more people have the means to live,
but no meaning to live for.”
― Viktor E. Frankl

When people come to me for Life Coaching, they universally want to know what their Life Purpose is–they want to know what it is they are supposed to do in life, what they have been created for.  Most of my clients have reached their educational goals in life.  Many have reached their professional goals in life.  Yet all of my clients say, “I want to know what my life purpose is.”

I can show you how to know
What your Life Purpose IS!!

You only need 3 easy steps!

  1.  Breathe–Not just the breathing you do to stay alive.  That pretty much happens without you doing anything.  I’m talking about taking in breath to light up your soul. Breathing purposefully.  With each breath in you become filled with peace, calm, love and light and with each breath out you release anxiety, fear and pain.
  2. Love–Love yourself first — put on your own oxygen mask first!  When you love and appreciate who you are, warts and all, you begin to appreciate the world around you. Then you take that marvelous love and share it! Share it with those you love, with those you don’t know, with those you hate, with those who are bigoted or tiresome or selfish–leave no one out for they are all you as you are–a part of humanity as a whole.
  3. Bloom–Where you are, right now, with only the resources you have at hand BLOOM!  It is up to you to create a life that fills you up.  If your life fills you up it will overflow with love, light, life and create for others an enlightenment that helps them breath, love and bloom.

NOW you know joy!

We all have the same path.
We all have the same purpose.
We all must breath, love and bloom.

When you have accomplished these three steps then you will be open to the Universe to hear and heed your calling in life with joy and delight.  This is what most of my clients really want–a calling in life–but you cannot hear your calling without being true to your purpose and living in joy.  Once you have the joy of living in your purpose, then the calling becomes clear.  Some are called to be artists, musicians, poets, authors.  Some are called to be teachers, sages, guides.  Some are called to be healers, shamans, mystics.  Some are called to be bakers, candle stick makers, chefs, tailors.  Some are called to be engineers, builders, maintainers, cleaners.  Some are called to be wives, husbands, parents.

“Work may be your dominant thought, and joy an afterthought.
But joy is your true purpose, and work the afterthought.”
― Alan Cohen

When you live in your purpose –breath, love, bloom–your life sometimes changes to heed your calling and sometimes you realize your life is already your calling. Regardless as I’ve said before and will say again:

Life is too short to take it seriously!
Take it with joy, love and grace.




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