A Course In Miracles

cropped-IMG_3051.jpg“This is a course in miracles. It is a required course.
Only the time you take it is voluntary.”
A Course In Miracles

I love A Course In Miracles and there are many, many resources out there.  Just as when you take it is voluntary, how much money you spend on it is also voluntary.  Here are a few resources you can try–you can also do an internet search and find even more resources!

Foundation For Inner Peace–This is the official homepage of the course.  There are free offerings to use on-line as well as purchases you can make.

Check the App Store for Apple or Android and you will find several apps for the course.  My favorite for iOS (iPhones) is A Course In Miracles–it is FREE!

Marianne Williamson’s website or her A Return To Love Workshop: The Basics of A Course in Miracles.  Amazingly there is a free YouTube of her reading her book A Return To Love.

These references should get you started!

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