A Life Of Transformation

Glenda and Beverly Rains 1951

Glenda and Beverly Rains 1951


This is an old photo of myself and my mother.  When I look at this photo it is hard to recognize either of us as having been so young.  Now my mother is older and so am I but when I look in her face in this photo I see not only her, but my sisters and brothers and cousins for we all have so many of the features in common.

My mother is an amazing woman who raised 5 children in a time when there was little money and much hardship and the world was changing so fast it boggles the mind. Yet we got by and came through and became something other than a very young mother with her babe in her arms.

We all changed; we all transformed.  The transformation for me has been a great adventure and I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn.  Each day is a new world and each day offers new opportunites for us all.

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