Advancing Women

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There is a difference in the world that only you can make.” 
-Solomonism # 327

Yesterday I attended the Advancing Women Conference in Seattle, Washington.  It was a great event.  Imagine a room filled with women all seeking ways in which to find their purpose and move forward in what has been described as a man’s world.

Amazingly there was one man who attended the conference and he was incredible.  Thank you Brian for your bravery and willingness to hang with us all day! And, I want to thank you personally for telling me in one word my most cherished trait to exhibit.  When you looked me in the face and said, “The one word I would use to describe you is Joy” my heart melted.  Thank you Brian!

“What did you come here to do, and are you getting it done?”
—Nancy Solomon

I came here to inspire, to lead and to advance the human spirit in our world through transformation.  I do this through Transformative Life Coaching and through my writing.  I’ve been letting myself and the world down for a few weeks and not writing as much as I like to.  That ended yesterday.  I’m back in the saddle (read that as desk chair) and ready to ride (read that as type) and create the realities that I share with the world.

“What is standing between you and what you want out of life?”
—Nancy Solomon

I have discovered the only thing standing between me and what I want out of life is myself. I am a strong, equally matched opponent when I stand between me and what I want out of life. How do I fix that? I keep on keeping on, I have a life coach, I write and coach and love and live. Somehow I can get out of my own way enough to get things done. If you need someone to stand with you and challenge you to be the person you were meant to be, I can be that someone–your personal transformative life coach.

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