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I’m so glad you are here and I look forward to talking with you as you discover the unlimited power you have to create the life you desire.  Session after session you will feel yourself becoming your Ipseity self as you explore the roads of your life.

Transformative Life Coaching begins with your first session which is FREE!


How to schedule your appointment:

Each 30 minute session is $40.00.  If you wish to have a 60 minute session please choose two slots. The cost of 60 minute session is $60.00. Once you select a date you may choose one or two time slots.  Once you have selected your time slots and filled in the rest of the form you will be taken to PayPal to pay for your session. It’s just that easy to schedule and appointment and begin the transformation of your life!

If this is your first session there is no charge, so you can enter the coupon code FREE.  This is a one-time code and only works one-time per person.

All times are in Pacific Time Zone (PST/PDST)

If you need a time that is not on the calendar
please send me an email.

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All sessions are done through webcam or phone using Zoom as our meeting place.  Your session is recorded and totally private for your use only.  If you wish to use telephone there will be a telephone number on the Zoom link you can use. You might wish to visit the Zoom website ahead of your first meeting to familiarize yourself with how video web meetings work.