Changing Attitudes and Gratitudes

Wendy: Crocheted by Glenda Clemens, 2017. Pattern by Grace Fearon.
Photo by Glenda Clemens, 2017.

“It isn’t what you have or who you are
or where you are or what you are doing
that makes you happy or unhappy.
It is what you think about it.”
― Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People

Sometimes, I find myself changing my mind about how I feel about things. When I do this I find myself in a state of gratitude that brings grace to my daily existence. It isn’t as easy as those first two sentences make it seem. It is hard to change your mind about how you feel about anything.

“Attitude is a choice.
Happiness is a choice.
Optimism is a choice.
Kindness is a choice.
Giving is a choice.
Respect is a choice.
Whatever choice you make makes you.
Choose wisely.”
― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

Today I’m thinking about gratitude because gratitude is the theme for tonight’s Toastmasters meeting. Over the past few years I’m gone through a change of life including THE change of life for a woman. I’ve moved from my life-long home in Oklahoma to the Pacific Northwest and settled in a modest but lovely blue house in the woods on the edge of a small town, North Bend. The biggest change of life for me, however, is my attitude. I’ve learned that I am what I think. I feel what I choose to feel. AND even when things outside my control upset me or threaten my peace of mind, it gets easier and easier to change my attitude to gratitude.

“It isn’t what you have
or who you are
or where you are
or what you are doing
that makes you happy or unhappy.
It is what you think about it.”
― Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People

I retired from full-time work for someone else in February. Since then I’ve spent more time with thread and hooks and happy hookers. If you see the photo above you will understand exactly what I mean!  Retiring was a really scary business. It took me 3 times to retire; a source of pride because it took David 5 times. When I was able to let go of the need to make a lot of money, the need to have a career, the need to be a professional with all the social baggage that entails, I was able to simply let go.

“We are what we pretend to be,
so we must be careful about
what we pretend to be.”
― Kurt VonnegutMother Night

Now I live my life, living it how I want and doing what I want when I want. I am living every rebellious teenagers dream! I crochet, knit, write and coach. I make a little money to buy more thread and yarn and travel a little and it turns out that is quite enough. I have time and energy to spend time with friends and family. I have time to choose how to live rather than working hours and hours wishing I could choose how to live. AND I’m so grateful for this new life.

“The greater part of our happiness or misery
depends upon our dispositions,
and not upon our circumstances.”
― Martha Washington

Now my disposition tends more to happiness and gratitude. As I was sitting here thinking about gratitude I came up with a partial list of things I’m grateful for. Here is my list. Do you have a gratitude list?

My Gratitude List:

  • Family and friends who love me just the weird old way I am.
  • Just enough work to give me just enough money for my fun.
  • Crochet friends and thread and hooks!
  • The internet where I find more patterns to crochet and people who share my obsessions and where I am trying to be patient watching April The Giraffe hopefully have her baby.
  • A husband who loves to bake all our bread and do all our grocery shopping and take care of the yard and do the laundry. (yes I know how lucky I am too)
  • Toastmasters my biggest social outlet and thought provoking weekly activity.
  • Cable television where I can watch any old thing I want any old time I want.
  • You!


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