Finding Your Essence


“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world
as being able to remake ourselves.” –Gandhi

Life is a series of transformations.  Some of these transformations happen without our being aware of them such as the cell division that happens in nano seconds after the sperm meets the egg in our mother’s body.  We don’t have concrete memory of being born or nursing at our mother’s breast the first time.  But somewhere along the way of infancy and growing up to adulthood we begin to become aware of the transformation of our lives.

As adults we go through so many processes of change that we sometimes don’t think about what is changing and why.  In the transformative process of Life Coaching, we can develop intuitively, ways of being more who and what we want to be and can become enlightened to the processes of change.  In this way we can be the architects of our lives and build ourselves and our lives into what we want them to be.

This starts with our own internal sense of who and what we are.  In Transformative Life Coaching we call this sense Essence.  My Essence statement is:

I AM Powerful Creator, courageously aligned, fully attuned and
joyously pursuing the evolution of the human soul
for myself and others, with ease, grace and love.

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