Have Your Best Day Ever!

The Power of TED*

                       The Power of TED*

The best day of your life is the one
On which you decide your life is your own.”
–Bob Moawad, Author

If you are tired of living a life that someone else thinks you should live, you might consider taking a look at The Power of TED*.  TED* is The Empowerment Dynamic and is the brain-child of David Emerald.  The above photo is one of his daily affirmations.

In TED* we learn to take responsibility for creating our own lives or as Bob Moawad said above deciding our live is our own.  Then we become the creator of our lives not the victim of our lives.  Using TED* we can escape drama and victimization where life happens to us and awaken to all the possibilities we desire for our lives and our relationships.  When we become the author of our lives, the creator of our lives we become fully realized as human beings and can live fully in our own personal power.

Take a look at The Power of TED*. Yes, there is a book and workbook you can buy but there is loads of free information on the website to get you started.  You can also go to YouTube and see David Emerald’s videos on TED*.   Following is a sample video for you:

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