How Resolute Are You? Are you really ready for change?



Changing How I Eat, photo by Glenda Clemens, 2017

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

Hmmmmm. Well, I can’t say I agree with Leo Tolstoy completely. I can say that I know that I find it easier to change the world than to change myself. And yet, at this time of year we all think about making resolutions for the New Year to change ourselves to be what and who we really want to be. We make our resolutions and then we get busy for a few days or weeks working hard on those resolutions. Something then happens and we are distracted from our resolution and life goes back to what it was before we made any resolution.

“Make the most of yourself
….for that is all there is of you.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well. The all of me has gotten out of control. In late July of this year I went to my family doctor for my annual checkup. They call it a wellness visit, but really what they are looking for is illness. So the exam was fine and the opening chat was fine but then came the issue of my weight and my pre-diabetic condition. The doctor wanted me to start taking Metformin which is the first diabetes medication we medical providers use when treating diabetes. I did NOT want to start this medication in part because it would cause problems that had been resolved through dietary changes. Mostly, however, I did not want to start this medication because I know the course of diabetes and did not want that to be my path.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did,
no matter where you’ve come from,
you can always change,
become a better version of yourself.”

I had recently completed training in Intuitive Eating and felt I was doing pretty good and wanted to continue on that pathway. She agreed to give it a try for a few months more and ordered blood work. Holy Moly Batfolks! My blood sugar (HgbA1c) came back even higher than previously and at 6.2 I was officially pre-diabetic. My doctor sent me an email once again insisting (maybe just suggesting but it triggered my resistance) that I start taking Metformin. I rebelled. I said I would just keep working on my intuitive eating: eating only when hungry and eating only until satisfied.

“Forget failure.
If things don’t work out the way you want,
hold your head up high and be proud.
And try again. And again. And again!”
Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon

I decided, however, in addition to eating intuitively I would do some research and figure out what I might be eating that was causing me to continue to gain weight and continue to have increasing blood sugars. I got a blood glucose monitor that I love. (Check out Dario for a great, inexpensive and easy to use monitor.) I also, starting reading and researching. I went first to the American Diabetes website—you can look it up if you want but I’m not linking here because I feel the information they give about pre-diabetes diet is just wrong. There they said to limit carbs to 60-100 grams of carbohydrates daily. That is a LOT!

“Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune.”
Jim Rohn

So I continued to self-educate. What I found surprised me. There is a dietary revolution going on that I had not been aware of and thus this post. As a Life Coach and Health and Wellness Coach not to mention being a Nurse Practitioner I wanted to know more. This dietary revolution is called Low Carb; High Fat (LCHF) and also called Keto. So I limited myself to 60 carbs a day. It wasn’t too hard and I did lose some weight. At first it was 8 pounds after about 6 weeks and then it was 10 and then it was 12. As I kept reading and listening and researching the idea of a Keto diet I was a little worried about ketosis being safe. It turns out ketosis is necessary to burn fat. I won’t go into the details here but this is a great resource that I feel is grounded in good science: Diet Doctor.

“Minds are like flowers,
they only open when the time is right.”
Stephen Richards

After all these years of being overweight, then obese and now morbidly obese and pre-diabetic the time finally was right for me. I’ve been on the LCHF diet for a few weeks now. I’m down 17 pounds and I have lost 6.5 inches of ugly belly fat! I feel great physically but most importantly I feel great mentally and emotionally. A friend told me a few weeks ago, “I see photos of you and you were a thin woman. I think you still are.” WOW what a great blessing that statement has been. If you are ready to resolve to shed your unwanted fat and release the physical you that you are deep inside, maybe giving this a try would be as good for you as it has been for me.

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be
and all that occurs in your life
is the result of your own making.”
Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

I totally believe that we can create our own reality. We cannot control all the realities around us. It will snow when it snows and we cannot cause or stop the snow to fall. We cannot control other people’s fear or desires or behavior but we can create our own wholeness. If you would like to work with me on any of your creative powers whether Life Coaching or Health and Wellness Coaching, please go here to request your first free session. There is no obligation to commit to more sessions and many of my clients have found that first free session to be very helpful.

“There is only one corner of the universe
you can be certain of improving,
and that’s your own self.”
Aldous Huxley

I love the Aldous Huxley quote. Perhaps it is because I like many of you love certainty. We cannot have much certainty in our Universe but we can be certain that we are in control of ourselves, creating new realities for our best lives and our best selves. Here is a great TedX  Talk that got me started on this new journey:



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