Life Coaching

Stuck In A Tree, photo by David Clemens 2015, used with permission

Stuck In A Tree,
photo by David Clemens 2015, used with permission

“Too often, people get stuck in a state of over-thinking, the result is that they never reach a decision.”
― Steve Backley

The first time I heard of Life Coaching, my thought was: “What? No one needs Life Coaching; just get up and live your life!” Needless to say, The Universe heard me and provided me with lesson that let me know I needed a Life Coach.

“Sometimes being happy will
require some difficult conversations.
Some of those conversations
will be with yourself.”
― Domonique Bertolucci

What I’ve learned is that having those difficult conversations with yourself is much easier and more productive with a Life Coach. As a Life Coach (yeah, not only did I need one I became one), I work with your by asking powerful questions, reflecting your thoughts and ideas, create space for you to realize your very best and most rewarding way of life.

“Identify your driving motivation
and you will have all the
encouragement you need.”
― Domonique Bertolucci

Does it work? YES! That is why I became a Life Coach–Life Coaching worked for me. I found the areas of resistance in my life were my creation because I was not on a path to discover what I really wanted in life. Through Life Coaching I created a new way of being that honored the true me, my Ipseity Self.

“Don’t rely on the opinions of others.
Only you will know what is
right for you.”
― Domonique Bertolucci

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