New Year’s Resolutions: Are you on point or looking the other way?

Lily On Point? Photo by Glenda Clemens, 2017

“I made no resolutions for the New Year.
The habit of making plans, of criticizing,
sanctioning and molding my life,
is too much of a daily event for me. ”
Anaïs Nin

Well, that’s nice Anais Nin. I’ve tried this for several years and found myself drifting and feeling a need for a few anchors or at least rudders to keep me on track with what I really want in life.  At the last third of this year, I’ve begun to realize there are many things I want to accomplish before my 105th birthday party.

“Good resolutions are like babies crying in church.
They should be carried out immediately.”
Charles M. Sheldon

Now this is a quote I can get behind Charlie! I tend to make my resolutions around the time of my birthday in October and start carrying them out as soon as possible. The sooner I get to them the more likely, for me, they are to become habits. As I get a bit older, I’ve started being a little more aware of the habits I form because they are pretty hard to break if it turns out they are not in my best interest.

“Forget not the past.
The past prepares us for the present.
The present equipped us for the future.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

So, as I prepare for 2018 (only 7 or so hours left to go!), I realized that every experience and learning I’ve had for 67 years have prepared me for this moment in time. (Ring the bells; toot the horns; bang the drums!) So I have resolutions for 2018 for the first time in many years that will hopefully help to carry me another 365 days.

“Another year is ending,
but something is pending”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I saw this quote and immediately thought of Dr. Suess! Here are my resolutions:

Another year is ending
But another year is pending
I’m hopeful of sending
Fifty pounds or so wending
To the ether or round bending
So that I make go spending
My days lighter and ascending
The mountains round North Bend-ing
AND writing in hope of comprehending
Without this poem overextending
Brains like friends never-ending
Need for grammar recommending.

Hmmm….well I also have in mind to do some more writing but not rhyming poetry!  🙄

“Life is hard.
Find some really good people
to walk through it with.
It makes things a little easier.”
Andrena Sawyer

I also plan to continue to surround myself with really good people and really good pets (like Lily in the photo above) and really good reading and writing and love. Most of all love. I also am making the daily effort to stay on point but stopping once-in-a-while like Lily does to see if there is an adjoining path that might need my feet upon it.

Many bright blessed days
For you and yours
In the coming year
And all the years following!
—Glenda Clemens






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