On The Road To A Bountiful Life

Crossing The Bridge, Photo by David Clemens, 2015, used with permission

Crossing The Bridge, Photo by David Clemens, 2015, used with permission


I am delighted to have you here because I know that together we can create a beautiful, bountiful life for you. I am a transformative life coach, working to help my clients find the truths about themselves for a full and bountiful life.  As a transformative life coach, I too have gone through many transformations and eagerly seek more transformations.

Years ago, while driving home from work I was listening to NPR radio. I still remember that day, a bright, sunny, warm Oklahoma day. My attention was focused on driving only until I heard the words, “Now we go to an interview with a man who is 105 years old today who is still working full-time at his job being the doorman for a New York City apartment building.” I was so tired from work, I couldn’t imagine anyone choosing to work that long so I listened intently to this story.

As it turns out, he started working as a doorman at this apartment building early in the 20th century at the age of 19 years old. He was given a weekly salary and a two-bedroom basement apartment in which to live. He married and had three children that he and his wife raised in that apartment. He had outlived his wife and some of his children. Remarkable.

But that was not as remarkable as what came next. The newsperson asked, “So, how did you get to be 105 years old?” His first response was, “It just happened!” I could hear the smile in his voice. Then he said, “I guess it is because I never wanted anything I didn’t already have so I didn’t waste my life struggling and worrying.”

Now that I look back on that incredible story, I know that this doorman lived an abundant life. He had everything he needed and many people he cherished. He belonged not only to the city but also to his family, that building and all the people he talked with and helped everyday for all of those years. He never took a day off work for illness or vacation except for the day he buried his wife. He never felt a need to be off work because the work sustained and filled him as a part of his life, not separate of his life. He lived his bountiful life every day while working and while being with his family.

From my early life in southeast Oklahoma to my present home in northwest Washington state, I have become the woman I always wanted to be and know this growth will continue for the rest of my life.  In my early life I believed I was ugly, not enough or too much, not worthy, not smart, not capable, not desirable, not lovable.  Now I know that I am a beautiful woman who is just right, in the right place and time, doing and being exactly what was intended for me and I am worthy of all the blessings life has to offer.

I live in joy, happiness, fullness, power, blessing, light and love every bountiful day of my life.  It has been such an exhilarating and empowering journey along the road to my divine self, my ipseity.  I look forward to talking with you and coaching you to discover all that is marvelous and wonderful in your bountiful life, your divine ipseity!

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