Shamanic Coaching

The Deep Road, Photo by David Clemens 2015

The Deep Road,
Photo by David Clemens 2015

“I don’t argue things being spiritual vs scientific, because I’ve never met anyone who knows enough about either to be convincing–including myself.”
― S. Kelley Harrell

For many year, Shamanism has been my personal spiritual path. Along the way, I studied with both Michael and Sandra Harner. Through this training I became a Shamanic Counselor. Incorporating my Shamanic Counseling with Life Coaching has been an awakening of spirit for both myself and my clients. I now no longer consider it to be Shamanic Counseling but rather Shamanic Coaching.

The question I’m most frequently asked is “What is Shamanic Coaching?” The answer is that if a client wishes me to do so, I do a Shaman journey for them with their clear intention or question in mind. I then relate the journey to the client and from their we proceed into a coaching session. This involves powerful questioning, reflection, intuitive responses from me so that the client discovers for themselves the meaning behind the Shaman Journey. The power of this method is a blessing for both myself and my clients.

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