For me, being a Transformational Life Coach is a joy and blessing everyday.  I love the dialogues and interactions between myself and my clients.  One of the great women I’ve had the pleasure to study, Rosemary Parse, points out that when human beings engage in dialogue neither person leaves the conversation unchanged.  We share who and what we are and are changed by each other.  The blessing  of these changes for me are monumental and I am forever grateful for every client and every client interchange.

On this page are some of the comments my clients have shared with me.

“Glenda has been a positive force throughout the last year and a half of my life. She has helped me set attainable, realistic goals, and encouraged me to form a plan of action to accomplish them. I have moved from a dark part of my life to a bright spot in my life, growing in self-esteem and confidence all the while. When I met Glenda, I felt lost and unsure of myself. Today, I am confident in my abilities, as well as my life choices and the progress I have made in the areas of mental health, professional growth, and self acceptance.”
—-Christie Carlson, MS, CSCS, USAW


“I’d like to THANK Glenda Clemens for her unique gifts that she is sharing as a heartful Transformational Life Coach. I know from her guidance that she is brilliant, insightful and wise. She is compassionate and guides you gently on your inner journey. I highly recommend her to help you or your loved ones who desire to have a more joyful life.”


“Glenda’s warm, empathetic and non-judgemental approach to coaching helped me feel comfortable in telling her what areas in my life needed improvement. I really felt heard during my coaching sessions and felt comfortable diving deep with my concerns and issues. She provided valuable feedback and some actions steps that I could take along with much-needed encouragement during check-ins. Plus, she’s a hoot!”


“Glenda helped open my eyes to the importance of my role in this world. She has given me the resources to become a better me and a stronger woman. She is so fun and easy to talk with that each session feels like chatting with a close family member while finding my inner self. Each session comes with a video, resource list and notes so that you can easily access them when you need a reminder why these sessions are so important and how much you have grown. I would highly recommend Glenda as a Transformative Life Coach.”


“I am really happy to have Glenda Clemens as my life coach. With her inherently deep wisdom and life’s learned skills she makes for a compassionate coach in so many ways. I do believe her deep understanding about life will help her clients open up to a new way of thinking, creating a richer and more rewarding life. It has for me. Thank you Glenda.”

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