The Theory Of Awesomeness

We all want to be awesome in our lives.  Yet many of us, sit on the sidelines of life wishing and hoping for something awesome to happen in our lives.  Some of us believe we should not expect to be awesome.  Some of us believe we do not deserve to be awesome.  Some of use believe that if God or some other Divine being wants awesome to happen to us God or some other Divine being will make it so.

I believe we create our lives and that if I want an awesome life or want to be awesome it is up to me.  Take a look at the Theory of Awesomeness:

The Theory Of Awesomeness from Mind Valley Academy

The Theory Of Awesomeness from          Mind Valley Academy: You can download the poster by clicking on the link.

This morning I watched a video from Mind Valley Academy.  Awesomeness just begins to describe the power of this video.  Take a look for yourself and see:



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