Treasure Hunting

Moss On Trees, photo by David Clemens, 2015

Moss On Trees, photo by David Clemens, 2015

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.
–Joseph Campbell

On the path of life, fear can hold us back in many ways. For example, the first time I read Little Women I wanted to be Jo. I wrote a short story and no one was impressed.  I read the book again and I still wanted to be Jo. I wrote a poem and no one was impressed! I read the book again and again and the more I wrote the more people began to be impressed. Then one day someone said, “This is sweet, but you can never make any money as a writer. You have to do something else.”

So I quit writing. I was good at science and very interested in the incredible things I could learn in science. Then someone said, “You could even be a doctor!” So I decided I wanted to be a doctor. I got my first job (other than baby sitting and lawn mowing) as a nursing assistant in a nursing home in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

Years went by and I studied science and nursing and became a nurse still intent on becoming a doctor. BUT I still read voraciously.  At one time I was reading 5-6 books a week–all of them fiction.

By the time my husband, David, went to medical school and set up his practice, I decided I didn’t want to be a doctor.  I felt that no family should ever have to work family life around the hideous schedules and demands of TWO doctors.

What did I feel? Relief. Pure and simple relief.  I know some people in my family STILL believe I really wanted to be a doctor.  I did not. NO WAY. I wanted to be Jo.

So I became a nurse practitioner instead.  I love nursing and loved many parts of being a nurse practitioner.  BUT I wasn’t Jo.

Along the way to becoming a nurse practitioner I got my liberal studies degree from the University of Oklahoma.  I got to do a lot of writing. Paper after paper I turned in I received “A” for the grade and then “A+” became the norm and then one day one professor said at the end of my paper, “I love the way you write and the way your mind works!  Keep writing!”

WOW! So, I’ve been writing since then….Oh, I went on in nursing and became a nurse practitioner but I’ve been writing all the while.

Now I have a blog at Cracked Nirvana and I’m a Transformative Life Coach. BUT I’ve published a book of poems and have other writing in progress. I’m officially spelunking in the cave that holds the treasure I seek: Jo!

Some folks enter their cave early in life. Some of us take the long way and stand at the entrance to the cave. BUT I truly believe, entering the cave and seeking the life we really want to live is how we come to peace with ourselves.

The treasure is there.
Do you have the courage to enter the cave?

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  1. Glenda, that is beautiful writing. I loved your story, and you told it in a wonderful way. You are Jo, and you’d better believe it! Keep going with your own writing and your stories. Everybody will be inspired like I was. Jane Garrison

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