Tuned To The Key Of Goodness


Don’t Move playing in Seattle photo by Ray Clemens 2016

We are tuned to the key of goodness.

—Desmond Tutu

I’ve had a reawakening experience over the past several days. There is a group of women here in North Bend, Washington, that invited me to participate in their book club.  We are all women over the age of 40 and all of us love to read.  This week it was my turn to be the “hostess” or leader of the group discussion. The book was one that was chosen before I joined the group: Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu. This post is about some of the things I learned reading this marvelous book.

Goodness is not just our impulse.
It is our essence.
Desmond Tutu

I thought I knew something about this incredible man but it turns out I knew very little. In reading this book I learned much about him, his life and his philosophies. This particular book he and his daughter have written is about goodness.  He believes that because we are born out of the love of God that we are naturally made for goodness or as he puts it “We are tuned to the key of goodness.”

We are made for goodness by God,
who is goodness itself.
We are made for and like God,
who is the very essence of goodness.

–Desmond Tutu

So like the bass is made to make deep rich music we are made to be good. Just as the deep thrumming notes of the base echo when touched, we are the echo of the goodness and love of God. As the strings are tuned to specific notes, we are tuned to goodness, the key of goodness.

Planted in the center of our being
is a longing for the holy.

–Desmond Tutu

Being tuned to goodness means we are tuned to the essence of the Universe and this means we are tuned to the God force in all of us and all of the Universe. We know when we are singing on key because we feel good, deep inside where it counts. When we are off-key, we know because it does not feel good deep inside. So we never have to wonder if we are off-key–we will know it by the feeling of being in tune with all that is holy in our Universe.

We strive endlessly to “be good” or to “do good”
instead of realizing that we are good.
We can stop “being good”
and simply live from our goodness.

–Desmond Tutu


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