What Is Ipseity?

On The Ipseity Road

On The Ipseity Road

“Those heavenly moments when a sense of the Divine invades me” –L.P. Smith

Over two years ago I began a transformation of my life and my being.  That journey is now coming to the place I’ve longed to be: a transformative life coach.  One Sunday afternoon my daughter, Lorien (yes, she was named after the forest where Galadriel reigns in Middle Earth) and I were talking about my website and what I wanted to do with my new career as a transformative life coach.

“Because you’re a creation of God, you reflect the Divine qualities of creativity, wisdom, and love.”
― Doreen Virtue

For me the answer was that I wanted to be a part of bringing transformation of the human spirit to attunement with the divine in us all. I had experienced this transformation and wanted to share not only the experience but be a part of working with others who desired to be a part of this spectacular endeavor.  So my daughter, being the brilliant woman she is, got busy looking for words to describe transformative processes in a divine way.  She found the word ipseity.

It is an old word used by both the early Christians and Muslims to define that divine self within us that is not God or Allah or even our own Ego but fully human self that we can identify within ourselves as uniquely our true essence. The deep and knowable self we can tap into in full grace and attunement with all that surrounds us, bringing that divinity into the world.

What a perfect word!  That is exactly what we all seek: Our divine self.  So we are all journeying on the Ipseity Road and together we evolve into our divine self expressing more and more the enlightenment within.

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